c is for cash register

oh, the thrill of finding a REAL cash register for $5 at the thrift shop.

bring on the construction paper money and scrunched foil coins…the cut up yogurt container lid credit cards and deposit slip checks. oh yeah.

m is for money and s is for store, too : )

g is for green

with the guidelines being to keep your feet on the floor and your head off the table, they painted.

f is for finger painting, p is for paint, too. : )

c is for collage

this collage grew and grew…when green week was over we made this the top of our tree in the puzzle corner:

g is for green, s is for st. patrick’s day, t is for tree, too. : )

v is for valentine

we send home supplies for each preschooler to make ONE valentine…then we have a school exchange.

when they bring back their valentines, they put them in this box…with a mirror surprise inside.

b is for box and m is for mirror, too : )