f is for fire

we make pretend camp fires on the playground nearly daily (this also cares for the direction from the state surveyors to keep the playground “free of sticks”).  during parts of the year we bring the camp fires inside and offer our red, yellow and orange scarves.  then there are always a couple who ask for blue scarves (for the “really hot part”).

here is how we did it at home once…no photos from preschool:

i even splurged once and bought a wooden s’more/kabob food kit.  sweet.

m is for mouse cheese

we were reading lots of mouse books during m week and brought in a woodworking element.

with my power drill, the preschoolers helped drill several holes through a block of wood (the cheese), then used a piece of yarn with tape on the end (the mouse), then had the mouse eat through the cheese!

t is for turkey

we finger-painted huge pieces of butcher paper (red, orange, brown and yellow) and once dry, cut it into leaf shapes.  these hung from our ceiling and in the hallway for over a month…then it was thanksgiving time.

we took the leaves down and added a paper body to turn our leaves into turkeys! we even had another piece of butcher paper on the wall for preschoolers to scribble on when yellow crayons…a straw stack. then, of course, we sang “Turkey in the Straw”…ha ha ha

i love projects that extend for weeks and months!