y is for yarn

the preschoolers having been showing consistent interest in cutting.  more specifically, cutting yarn.  more specifically yet, cutting the yarn from our weaving project.

white yarn cutting - 4

so since it was winter white week, we had white yarn in the tub table and tied some of it to an embrodiery hoop hanging from the ceiling (where the magnet used to be).

white yarn cutting - 3

we decided it looked like we were cutting a beard, so we added a face.

white yarn cutting - 5

y is for yarn sandwich

i found this yarn between two block platforms and thought, “ha!  that looks like a yarn sandwich.”

white yarn cutting - 1

when i found the person who made it and asked what he was thinking, he said, “oh, it’s just a yarn sandwich.”

white yarn cutting - 2

of course it is.

r is for recycled snowman

recycled snowman - 3 by you.

this was a group project based on opening the craft cupboards to find any white things. again, thank you thrift shop! i painted a white snowman outline , then set out the white things and glue.

recycled snowman - 4 by you.
recycled snowman - 6 by you.

recycled snowman - 7 by you.

recycled snowman - 1 by you.

at the end of the day i poured about 2 bottles of glue over the whole thing (kind of like shellac).

recycled snowman - 5 by you.

meet our recycled snowman…taller than every preschooler!

recycled snowman - 8 by you.

w is for wooden snowpeople

snow people heads - 18

more thrifted wooden pieces.

snow people heads - 01 by you.

first was painting them with glue (it looked like icing!) with any brush you choose.

snow people heads - 02 by you.snow people heads - 03 by you.

then rolling them in tiny snips of white paper.

snow people heads - 04 by you.snow people heads - 05 by you.snow people heads - 06 by you.snow people heads - 07 by you.snow people heads - 08 by you.

then letting them dry.

snow people heads - 10 by you.

then having to get them off the paper that they dried on.

snow people heads - 11

if hitting doesn’t work, then use a paintbrush to get it off (harder than it seems…and funnier).

snow people heads - 12snow people heads - 13snow people heads - 14snow people heads - 15

then some pipe cleaner nose bending, pipe cleaner eye choosing, green scarf cutting

2" snow people by you.

and some teacher hot gluing.

snow people heads - 17snow people heads - 16

the conversations were fun to hear.  a  favorite comment heard, “i bet i could keep this in my room with the door locked and it wouldn’t melt!”

g is for glue top nose OR s is for snow person

i’ve always looked at glue tops and thought they should be used for something.  why not a carrot nose?

glue top nose snow people - 2glue top nose snow people - 3

here’s what to do:

read snowballs by lois ehlert

notice all the things used for facial features

talk about how a snowflake has poky edges

shred white paper

paint the back of a paper plate with glue

sprinkle the shredded paper on (so it’s poky-looking)

glue top nose snow people - 4

press down on the paper

shake off the extra

wash your hands if you don’t like glue on them

choose 2 milk lid eyes

glue top nose snow people - 5

choose a glue top nose

choose as many tickets as you want for a mouth

choose a hat cut from cardboard (from the wagons’ boxes)

glue top nose snow people - 6

let your teacher use hot glue to make sure they stick

decide if your snow person is a boy or girl

glue top nose snow people - 1 by you.

sing this song to the tune of  “twinkle, twinkle:

snowboy (or girl or dog or cat, etc), snowboy, where can you be?

i built you yesterday when you were here with me

i made you tall (or small) and i made you fat

i gave you a nose, two eyes, and a hat

now my snowboy has melted away (sing this part very slowly and with a sad face)

but the snow is falling and it’s time to play! (sing this part very quickly while clapping)

s is for smile?

i burst out laughing when i saw this photo. i must have forgotten to say, “smile.”


nevertheless, these are the kids who wore their show and tell…a white thing!

n is for new year

inspired by amanda dade’s new years parade, a spontaneous game we played was so much fun.  everyone is on the ground pretending to be asleep.

using our judy clock, we started at 1:00 and moved it around and around calling out the “o’clocks” as we did.


then when we get to 12 o’clock we jump up and yell, “happy new year!!!”