c is for color wheel

a big piece of cardboard.

remaining paint from our rainbow stripes.

found objects.

3+ bottles of glue.

color wheel work

rainbow color wheel by you.

rainbow color wheel by you.

ahhhhhh. color wheel.

rainbow color wheel by you.

30 thoughts on “c is for color wheel

  1. Comes just in time for my color challenged toddler. We’ll give this a try. Color bins really helped with Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Yellow. This will be a good way to introduce the next set of colors or just to reinforce his learning.


    1. oh yeah! i did this myself this summer….must find those pictures.

      though, in our drought land here, we’d barely have more than brown and grey…maybe a bit of green. soon, soon, soon the coolness will bring color i hope!


    1. yeah, messy usually means a lot more fun.

      : )

      and man, i am excited to check out your blog! we’ve got two male teachers in the classroom this year. good stuff.


  2. Thanks for linking to my watercolor recipe, and I just love this color wheel project! It might be a great way to use up all those craft odds and ends…..!


  3. I LOVE this idea! It’s beautiful! I adore doing collages with my class – especially when I’m emphasizing just one color at a time. And my children loves picking through the items figuring out what everything is – or was! You have a lot of great ideas here – I’m going to have to steal a few! Great blog – your class does seem fun and engaging! Good times!


  4. With all these great, great projects where do you find time to post them all! I can’t express how much fun your class seems. I would love to be there!


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