n is for natural play doh

thanks to the good old crafty crow, i found the idea to color play doh with natural items.

tumeric play doh


tumeric play doh

“it really smells like food now!”

a is for april showers bring may flowers

april showers bring may flowers?

puddle play

well then we are in good shape.

water play

during the sunny but wet days, we had some glorious time outside.

outside car play

sand track

i came upon the kids threading jump ropes through the parachute handles thinking it would carry them up like a hot air balloon.  i wish it would have…

trampoline problem solving

m is for may day

may day flower

inside it was y yeek, so we made yellow flowers.

may day flower

these were tissue paper circles with holes in the center to thread on skewers (cutting off the pointing end first).  then a teacher taped the paper and beads were added (secured with hot glue)…. “this is kind of like sewing with wood.”  sure it is!

may day flower