u is for under

one year i might get brave enough to do something with u is for underwear, but until then i will stop at under.







you get the idea.

i suspended a piece of fabric across two shelves and used good old duct tape.


this provided a long stretch for children to crawl (or walk) under


since all our work was offered as “under the table” work, i took the chairs away for the week.  this meant finding new places to eat snack!


no problem!

3 thoughts on “u is for under

  1. What a wonderful idea. I bet the children just loved being able to do everything under the table and various other places. What an enjoyable week!


  2. I am currently a student majoring in early childhood education and you are such an inspiration. I have worked in many child care centers and I intend to take your ideas with me at the next classroom I am in. Thank you for sharing.


c is for comment!

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