h is for happy halloween

trick or treat

may it be happy and sweet and not a bit scary

inside trick or treating

candy time

dressed up

(though i did scare a friend at school today. he only came to circle time when i took off my wig. sweetheart!)

p is for playground

playground moments - 02 by you.

our playground is complete enough to meet state standards!  but the grass will wear down quickly so we are having ground cover installed (after some farm work is complete and the farm trucks are free).  there are clusters of church friends who have energy and ideas to make this happen.  i am so grateful.

playground moments - 07

these play structures are not meant to be moved and reinstalled.

playground moments - 12

it was a lot of work.

playground moments - 13

but many smiles have been had already.

playground moments - 06

playground moments - 14

playground moments - 03

playground moments - 01

playground moments - 09

playground moments - 05

playground moments - 04

here we are thanking mr. kevin in person.  : )

playground moments

playground moments

we’re eager to enjoy hanging out in the space all year long.

playground moments - 08

f is for fire safety

every month we practice getting out of the building by pretending there is a fire in the classroom.

fire safety

during f week, we also talked a bit about the work firefighters do, having a special meeting place, etc.

:: :: :: ::

fire safety

fire drawing is so satisfying!  there are different techniques used (one crayon at a time or all three at once) and i wait for the first person to ask for or go get the color blue.

fire safety

we had fire in our journals and a house that really needed the help of fire fighters.

fire safety

:: :: :: ::

a little fire fighter poem that ms carol helped color in (look at you work, ms carol!)

fire safety

five little firefighters sleeping in a row

the first one said, i think it’s time to go

the second one said, that’s the bell i hear

the third one said, there’s nothing to fear

the fourth one said, we are on our way

the fifth one said, we’ll save the day (verse changed by the class)

oooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooo went the siren

quick went their feet

we’ll go find find the family at their place to meet!

:: :: :: ::

inspired by our poem, we played a big body game indoors.  while the firefighters slept, i put a cluster of “fire”-three feathers (red, orange, yellow)-somewhere in the room.

fire safety game

when the bell rang (“ding, ding, ding”), the firefighters got up and HURRIED to find the fire.

fire safety game

the feathers were small so it took a while.  once the fire was found, hoses were sprayed.

fire safety game

they were tired firefighters again, so back to bed they went.

fire safety game

fire safety game

:: :: :: ::

we read about that silly monkey, george, who gets himself into some trouble at the fire station.

fire safety game

but then, oh joy, he helps save the puppy.

:: :: :: ::

fire safety

we’ll keep our firefighter props out until the interest fades.  until then, i expect sirens and quick feet to be heard.

p is for paper bag pumpkin

first stuff a paper bag (we used “large” lunch sacks)

paper bag pumpkins

then twist and scrunch the top shut

paper bag pumpkins

then paint it all orange with washable paint

paper bag pumpkins

then go wash your hands (and then wash the bathroom and the floor)

paper bag pumpkins

then let dry (unless you find some green streamers and add vines to each one during clean up time:)

paper bag pumpkins

then use duct tape to make a sturdy stem

paper bag pumpkins

then play with the pumpkins and wait to add black and yellow shapes for faces later this week

e is for exercise flags

(or penants or bunting…i wasn’t sure what to call them for the kiddos).

IMG_4469.JPG by you.

we made some with duct tape and triangle paper.


the children could make any pattern, make them as long as they liked.



we read the colors, counted the flags, added upper and lower case E letters, and lined them up to see how far they would reach.

e is for exercise

show and tell for these days was “some kind of BIG BODY toy.”

exercise show and tell - 09

even though it was cold and drizzly both days (only 2 days of school this week), we went outside for show and tell time.

exercise show and tell - 08

obstacle course - 01

we had a chance to see how we use certain things to exercise with.  and then, of course, used our bodies alone to get a good work out!

exercise show and tell - 02

exercise show and tell - 10

exercise show and tell - 03

exercise show and tell - 07

exercise show and tell - 06

exercise show and tell - 05

exercise show and tell - 04

exercise show and tell - 11

i’m almost embarrassed to admit i had some sore muscles the next day.  lame.