p is for pinecone turkey

a variation on a common theme.

we used cinnamon scented natural feathers, a low temp glue gun, an old cereal box, scraps of construction paper, and a marker.


make sure you sing this song while you hold your little turkey:

i’m a little turkey short and fat,
here are my feathers, here is my hat.
when it is thanksgiving, you will hear:
gobble, gobble, gobble in your ear!


it always feels like an assembly line when we do “crafts” like this. ┬áthese are activities where the product is what we’re working towards (unlike most projects we do).



i try to make the process worth something.  like letting the children put both hands in the tub of feathers, letting them cut the extra scraps of paper while i use the glue gun, letting them break off little pieces of some pinecones to use for the beaks (plus quite a few extra).


and the children go home with something “cute” to decorate the home with.

4 thoughts on “p is for pinecone turkey

  1. I know what you mean by assembly line. I really hate that feeling at school, but it’s fun to do it a few times a year. I always think of these “craft” projects as something for the grandparents.

    Do you ever let the kids try the glue gun themselves? I have a few regular hot glue guns that I break out at least once a year for my oldest kids. They always burn their fingertips, but then again so do I!


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