a 19 month old across the street from us died on saturday after suffering from injuries caused by abuse…reportedly the worst local authorities have seen on a child in 28 years.  we didn’t know this family, we didn’t even know the child existed.

i make a plea tonight that the child you see in your day is looked at with honor and respect.  i beg for this world to stop hurting children.  i long for the day when the pain and fear that engulfs adults doesn’t trickle down to the children.

smile dearly at your young ones.  pray with compassion for adults who are at the end of their rope.

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t is for talking stick

one of the best things for one of our classes is the revival of the talking stick.  we simply pass it around the circle and children can say something or pass it on.

without prompting, the talking stick is used as a microphone.  most recently, each child had a piece of playdoh to play with while listening (there are some LONG stories) and when they got the stick, the playdoh became the round top of the microphone.

my favorite is when we teachers take a turn and suddenly the most mundane facts are honored.

d is for dentist


oh, joy.  this was more fun than i expected.


we set up a pretend dentist office in the classroom.  it didn’t take the place of the family corner where dramatic play usually starts.  it was across the room so there was quite a bit of traveling back and forth (as well as wood deliveries from the block corner).


there was a waiting area, a reception desk and the one patient seat.


it posed a slight risk to have the clip on lamp, but there were no injuries and the effect was fabulous.




other supplies included coffee stirrers (as tooth counters), disposable changing pads for bibs and mats, blocks that were used as xray machines, and real xrays!


we had mirrors for friends to hold which proved helpful for doctor and patient:


some medicine showed up mid week.  there were a lot of “tickets” written.



the big toothbrush and teeth were fun.


and near the end of the week one clever friend “lost” two teeth!