z is for zig zag

a couple of simple zig zag activities that were occupied much of the days.

a zig zag tape line was perfect for running on or driving cars on or lining blocks up on and finally for ripping off the floor in as long of pieces as possible.

zig zag lines drawn on paper were kind of tricky to cut…perfect!  in years past i’ve brought out pinking shears and other crafty scissors…but i couldn’t find them this year.  there was definitely a learning curve in figuring out where to store things in a new space.  next year will be a bit more organized.

z is for zoo cages (on paper)

zoo cage project - 3

i had a bunch of animal cards that we use for sorting, classifying, etc.  i decided to sacrifice a few of them to make realistic zoo cages.

zoo cage project - 2

we had a discussion of zoo rules that we know about or that we think should exist.  we talked about why animals are in cages which led to a broader discussion of respecting animals.  then we went outside and chose some animals to put in cages.

zoo cage project - 4

this is simply taking an animal card, cutting off the name, gluing on the animal card, gluing bars over it, adding the animal name.  insta-zoo!

zoo cage project - 1

b is for (do-it-yourself) balance bike

we altered this bike back when my own son, micah (now 8), was four and after watching eliza (now 5) teeter on the training wheels, we did it again.  the first step is taking off the training wheels.

then taking off the pedals.

now she’s working on balancing.  we’ve had fun remembing how micah flew around flintstone style.  there is a movie somewhere.

now imagine this magnified for preschool:  a bunch of these for kids to hone their balancing skills.

if you have an extra little bike to give preschool, we’ll do our pedal removing trick on them!

let me know.