c is for calendar trick

we check our calendar every morning (after we wish each other well).  usually we are trying to figure out a pattern along with what number will come next.  i’ve started drawing the month’s calendar each month instead of using a purchased one.  i think i did that in february when i wanted to draw hearts around the number in different colors.

for may we hid the numbers with post it stars.  when the child’s name was on the star, they came and took it off.  my, my that was exciting.  i think i’ll do that in september as well…perfect for when we’re trying to learn each other’s names.

w is for water transfer

i had two tubs, water in one, and a bunch of small tools (mini droppers, spoons, pvc pipe, straws, ladles, etc.).  the challenge was to move the water from one tub to the next without picking up the tub or getting any other tools.

by the way, the oily film you see on the water is from an organic mint extract i used (thinking it would just add a nice smell…i won’t use it again).