s is for stage

if you put rubber-backed throw rugs on top of a picnic table, tie a rope from a tree to a hook in a building, clip a sheet to the rope, nail the sheet to the edge of the picnic table…

you have a perfect stage for dancing.

i’m pretty sure “dancing queen” was the song playing here.

this was at my house, but i think a version for preschool is sure to come.

l is for longest picture in the world

my eliza in her last days as a preschooler asked if we could draw the longest picture in the world.

her inspiration came from just seeing the ramona and beezus movie.

we used crayons, pencils, markers, paint all on frustratingly thin newsprint (the dog hair, sand and dust on the wood floor didn’t help either).  it was a several day activity.

we recalled our summer from way back at harvest time to buying a new car to painting the house to visiting the mountains and chicago to school supply shopping to back yard fires to the very recent pvc sprinkler construction.

longest picture in the world - 60

longest picture in the world - 56

it was therapeutic to relive the memories together.

longest picture in the world - 53

longest picture in the world - 45

longest picture in the world - 37

i don’t know how long this will adorn our dining room…maybe until we’re ready to leave the past a memory only in our minds.

s is for surprise from mama and daddy

one thing we started last year was inviting families to write a special note or picture in their child’s journal.  the preschooler didn’t know this was happening, so when the note was found during a school day, there were certainly smiles.

journals - 05

i can imagine doing this in different ways too:  a note that is given on a birthday, a card left in the child’s cubby, etc.