p (+ h) is for photo

we’ve replaced name tags with photos in a few places in the classroom.


throughout the year we make changes to this routine, but for now children pick up their photo and put it in the cup at circle time (kind of tricky when i also have my coffee cup there).  at circle time i match the photo to the name on the picture board.




sweet faces, indeed.

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n is for neighbor

we have a former preschooler living across the street from our school.  he knows how to read and offered to come each week to share a story.



thank you, henry, for being a teacher friend to us!


(and for bringing such yummy picnic snacks)

b is for ball rolling

ball rolling - 04

when your teacher plans an activity to roll balls down the paint box but the paint is too think and the balls too light, make sure you have another teacher strong enough to pick the box up.

ball rolling - 09

“go mr rob!  go mr rob!  go mr rob!”

ball rolling - 01

ball rolling - 10

ball rolling - 05

ball rolling - 06ball rolling - 07

ball rolling - 08ball rolling - 03ball rolling - 02

ah, yes, adaptability is key.

o is for oops

i thought i was being clever to post a few while i was out of town, i just found them in my “drafts.”  here they are a few at a time…

p is for paint on the art roller

sooner than i thought, we did it.

paint on the art roller - 4

the kids had hands full of paint after some apple rolling and after they made a print in their journal (an opportunity i don’t like to miss), they went to the art roller.

paint on the art roller - 3paint on the art roller - 2

it only confirmed my desire to slather that thing up.

paint on the art roller - 1

soon.  and maybe outside.

a is for apple pie

apple pie making - 4

in case you find one of these in your preschooler’s backpack and are tempted to eat it, stop.  : )  it’s only paper, paint and cinnamon.  it smells like an apple pie, but would not taste like an apple pie.

apple pie making - 5

we giggled quite a bit at the thought of mama or papa or sister cutting a slice and biting down.

apple pie making - 6

white plate = crust, red paint = apples, cinnamon =  cinnamon.

apple pie making - 1

we did this project after reading (or me quickly choosing about four essential pages because i was LOSING the crowd!) the apple pie tree. there was an awareness that if we peeled the apples like they did in the book, our paint should be a yellowish white.  good point.

apple pie making - 3

breathe deep and imagine that cinnamon, folks.

apple pie making - 2