r is for rotating toys

i’m not very good at rotating toys….i tend to want to give kids whatever toys they are interested in.  we seldom deny a child’s request for a certain puzzle or for tape or for paint.  but when i choose to save certain toys back and then bring them out, it is impressive.


the trains made an appearance in december.  this is where some friends stayed most of the day. : )  my own micah shared a big basket of his own trains…he’s growing up and out of them.

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p is for punching pole

we made this one day after a few preschoolers using their fists a lot.  it’s good for punching, kicking and sitting on.


we taped three of our vinyl pillows to a pole in the room.  best move ever.  especially for the extra indoor  time coming this winter.

l is for lime candycane

when it was L week but also close to christmas, we used lime kool aid to scent the glue for some green candy canes. : )  after gluing on strips of light green paper, they used tiny brushes to paint on the lime glue.


it lost almost all its smell once dry (that surprised me), but during the process it was a lime infused room.



i giggled when i saw these two photos:


this was me making something up on the spot to try to get the attention of the group.  there weren’t interested in moving from work time to project time, so i made up some dramatic story about me buying candy canes thinking they were minty but they were fruity.  hmmm…what fruit flavor could a red one be?  how about an orange one?  what about green?  ooooh, let’s go make a lime scented green one!


to get a group of children hooked in is like a rush.   i love it.


c is for christmas sheep ornaments

we used real sheep wool to cover little ovals of cardboard, then added a ribbon and cardboard sheep face.


this was after a day full of mama sheep talk (we covered a large cardboard shaped sheep with toilet paper pieces and made up all sorts of stories about her), making up verses to “baa baa black sheep” with turns strumming the ukulele, animals at the stable talk…



we held our baby sheep during our christmas pajama party song time too. : )



b is for baby jesus


i’m not sure what these wooden pieces would be used for, but we received a big bag of them.  i added a little face and a loop of yarn.



when wrapped in strips of swaddling clothes (toilet paper strips) and a bit of glue to hold it in place, i think they make pretty sweet baby jesus’.


perfect for our rendition of “away in a manger” while practicing our mama and daddy and aunt and uncle skills.


happy fourth sunday of advent, all!