a is for april fool’s day!

here are some favorite memories of mine on this fun, fun day!  you can bet we’re going to make some new memories today!  and you can bet i’ve washed out some glue and paint containers in preparation!

back in 2009:

april fool's preschool style by you.

the teachers looked silly (oh, why didn’t i get a photo of ms. viliya in her pajamas?).

april fool's preschool style

there was bologna and peas waiting at the play-doh table (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the letter of the week turned back to A (funny).

april fool's preschool style by you.

the calendar and the music said it was christmas again (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the paint was edible (but i didn’t tell them that at first. instead i pretended the only funny thing was that we were going to finger paint. then i suddenly licked the paint! oh, wide eyes).


april fool's preschool style by you.

painting with pudding

april fool's preschool style by you.april fool's preschool style

there were fake moustaches (funny)…really these are just strips of fake fur with a roll of masking tape.

april fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool style

but the best joke of all was the coffee cream in the cleaned out glue container (funny!!!).

april fool's preschool style by you.


s is for st patrick’s day

(if i could have turned the light green this week i would have…instead i just did it to these photos)

st pats preschool style - 01

well, way back when it was st patrick’s day it was also u week…and i was determined to make a connection:


a leprechaun likes gold, the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, rainbows come after rain, in rainy weather you use umbrellas!  yeah!  st patrick’s day –> u week connection!


we had a leprechaun around and he was tricky all week.  he left us magic cups that turned our water green.  he left droppings that we could eat (green tic tacs and m&ms)!  he would mess move our shoes around!

st pats preschool style - 02st pats preschool style - 03

st pats preschool style - 04

(really it was a drop of green food coloring hiding in the bottom of the cup, but wow, we tricked them good!)

st pats preschool style - 05

st pats preschool style - 10

the glue turned green which was perfect for covering our little wooden pots.

st pats preschool style - 09

after getting covered with glue the pots went in a brown bag of green glitter.

st pats preschool style - 06

st pats preschool style - 07

st pats preschool style - 08

after a few shakes the glittery green pot was ready!  now we just needed gold!


so we built a leprechaun trap.

st pats preschool style - 13st pats preschool style - 11

i’m happy to announce we DID trap him a couple of times, but he snuck out before we saw him.  he did leave some droppings and a clue about where the gold was.

st pats preschool style - 12

st pats preschool style - 14

yes!  we found it outside!

st pats preschool style - 15

some of us kept looking for him…he could have been ANYWHERE you know!

st pats preschool style - 16

m is for mardi gras beads

mardi gras preschool style - 5

so what do you do when a retired kindergarten teacher grandma gives you HUNDREDS of mardi gras beads?

mardi gras preschool style - 2

well, you find tubs and assign colors to them using a piece of paper…and you sort!

mardi gras preschool style - 4

and you sort.

mardi gras preschool style - 3

and you pick up as many as you can at once.

mardi gras preschool style - 1

and you get on the table so you can reach better.

and when mardi gras is long over and your teachers move them to the hooks you hang them up.

leprechaun trap - 1

and when mardi gras is even further in our memories, you use some green ones to make the leprechaun trap even trickier. (more photos of this to come!)

leprechaun trap - 2mardi gras preschool style - 6

and most importantly, you wear them.  proudly.  several at a time.  no matter how old you are.

oh, and everyone can take a bunch home.

thank you, grandma lois.