b is for {we’re going on a} bear hunt

oh, this was a good one.  we read our very familiar, we’re going on a bear hunt (several times!).


we brainstormed what we thought were realistic colors of real live bears.  we acted our eating behaviors of real bears (fishing for salmon, pulling berries off bushes, eating honey from a hole…).


we brought bears and babies for show and tell (then graphed the results)…bears ruled!


there were so many bears that we had to add on to the graph!


we used leftover brown paint to cover big pieces of paper, let it dry, added brown scribbles, and turned it into a bear!


we started the day with a wild run around the room with mr rob bear chasing us.


but, oh, the greatest fun {i had, anyway} was our very own bear hunt.  there was not a bit of mystery about it.  every step was explained ahead of time.  the children knew mr rob or mr matt would be holding the big paper bear we made.  they knew he’d be hiding behind the shed.  they knew i would go first.  they knew we’d chant “we’re going on a bear hunt…” over and over. they knew he would growl like a bear.  they knew he would chase us down the hill.  they knew he wouldn’t catch us or even touch us.  they knew that i would scream.  they knew that the bench at the bottom of the hill was our “house.”  they knew they could wait on the bench the whole time and watch. they knew we would pretend to lock the door.  they knew the bear would walk away.  and they knew we’d do it all over again.


but i’ll tell you, even knowing all that doesn’t take away the excitement!  and the fear!  the “safe scared” feeling!


run, children, run!  a bear is chasing us!  run!


man, i can still feel the rush.


now big bear is hung up our elevator to bid us farewell every day.  some like to think big bear just wanted a hug.

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v is for visitors

our preschool was full of women tonight…

these women work with kids already.
some in their homes, some in centers.
we all know the importance of our work.
we all know how hard it can be.
we all know how under-appreciated we can be.


it was fun to visit and share ideas.
i am confident if i was in their space,
i’d walk away with new ideas too.

thanks, jennifer and cloud county community college women!
(hey! i just realized you came during c week…how perfect!)

w is for water beads


i need input:  
keep using these or not?
they are all over the internet.
can be bought in the floral department.
hard little beads that you hydrate in water for several hours.
they are labeled non-toxic but not intended for human consumption.

they are cool indeed.
slippery and colorful.
a great sensory experience.

i can’t help but wonder about the plastic/chemicals.
i’ve looked for cautionary advice,
but other than choking, i don’t see any.

what say you all?



c is for chalkboard paint


as someone told me, “i’m afraid to stand still or you’ll paint me!”…there is a lot of chalkboard paint.


in addition to my original plan of repainting our chalkboard and painting the back of a shelf, i got busy.

and now there is a lot of extra vacuuming.  but worth it.


now we’ve been making shingles and tiles on the roof.


drawing a doorbell or address numbers.

adding a skyline and wild animals to the block rug.

scribbling and sign making.


noticing that crayon crayon and paint still work.


adding windows, doors, signs and people.


remembering to look at ourselves (and smile) in the mirror.


and yes, often these surfaces are simply covered with chalk, layers and layers of chalk so that there is dust falling down.  if one goal of these preschool days is getting used to a writing implement in hand, confidence in making marks on paper, joy in doing something where most of one’s body is still:  chalk dust is worth it!  especially now that children have been schooled on getting a damp (not wet) towel to clean the surfaces off!  that’s fun in and of itself.


one quart of paint went a looooong way…and there is more!

a is for apple


just when you thought the apple fun was over, we had more!


just like our individual apple pies, we made a huge one for our classroom (with left over paint from our little ones).


IMG_0851 - Version 2

i love, love, love seeing a little mouth bite into a big apple.


some kids brought their own apples for show and tell, we had extras for anyone else who wanted one.


and here is the way i lesson plan:

i’ve tried lists and forms, blocks and columns…and all of those end up looking like this.

we’re on to B week, lesson plans already scratched through and added on to…yeehaw!

h is for hard, hard worker


we’ve got a lot of hard, hard workers this year…and Tshirts to prove it!

i just picked up the latest shipment, so if you ordered one, you should get it soon!