p is for popularity

so, i noticed in one day i got almost 100  new subscribers.  thank you.  i’m honored.  when my greatest passion is shared by others i feel happy.

i followed a link and see that i’ve been nominated for the “best teacher blog” award with edublogs.  then this morning on my regular blog visits, i see that almost every blog i love has also been nominated.

so now it’s this silly mind dance about popularity.  because in the end, it’s all about votes.


it’s kind of a weird thing.  i don’t put myself in situations where i have the chance to “win” or to “be the best.”  if so, i could sure do this blog thing better.  i could reply to comments more often, i could answer questions in a more timely manner, i could update every day, i could advertise, i could do give-aways, i could ask you questions, i could link to other blogs more often, i could comment on other blogs more often, i could have guest bloggers, i could, i could, i could…

i can’t deny that my day was made to just be nominated.  i might have blushed.

the good thing is that any blog nominated is worthy of recognition…it’s simply the world being made brighter for our youngest.

thank you, deborah.  and welcome, new readers.