f is for {the 2002} fire

it was ten years ago today that a fire broke out in our church basement also known as preschool classroom, kitchen, storage, library.

i was still on maternity leave with micah, reeling from a previous miscarriage and generally feeling like i couldn’t do it all.  then there was the fire.  it was quite a journey.  with a lot of gratitude, i’ll walk into work today.  ten years later. smiling and stronger and sure of community.


n is for {we’re in the} newspaper

we have our own photos to share and our own stories to tell, but while those are waiting, here is what our local newspaper has to show:

012712 kids 5.jpg

(click on the photo above)

thank you, ms wendy!

m is for movie star baby

hee hee hee…one of our very own preschool baby dolls was on the news!

movie star baby!

my friend, christy, is the director of the SIDS network of kansas and they needed a doll for one of their news segments.

movie star baby

much to our delight (and confusion!), we watched our doll on the news!  we looked at the calendar to try to understand better that the doll was picked up on monday morning, driven to wichita, went to the news studio for the recording session, driven back to newton, and dropped off at our preschool on tuesday morning.

movie star baby!

you can watch it too:

movie star baby!

(click on the above photo)