l is for listening tubes

hearing tubes!

{imagine you are hearing me whisper this entire post into a tube pressed to your ear.}

hearing tubes!

after we decorated different sizes of cardboard tubes with mini strips of duct tape, talked about the delicateness of the human ear and needing to keep it safe from too-loud of sounds, the classroom got really quiet.

hearing tubes!

we listened to classroom sounds like our water ball and the clock ticking:

hearing tubes!

we listened to a friend whispering in our tube:

hearing tubes!

hearing tubes!

hearing tubes!hearing tubes!

we listened to the radio that was only one number 2 out of 40 volume:

hearing tubes!

we listened to anything we could hear:

hearing tubes!

hearing tubes!

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2 thoughts on “l is for listening tubes

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  2. Have you read Willow’s Whispers by Lana Button?! It would be perfect for these tubes! We made tubes after reading this story and it was so wonderful for our children who have trouble speaking up. :)


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