e is for {fry an} egg {on the sidewalk} experiment

well, well.

we’ve done a lot of egg experiments and watched the egg white turn white and the yolk get hard and then we’ve eaten it…

eggs! - 02eggs! - 03eggs! - 04eggs! - 05eggs! - 06

if we had summer preschool, i bet we would have tried frying an egg on the sidewalk.

and maybe it’s the morning after low that gives me the pessimistic thought that it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

i did this whole fry and egg on the sidewalk with my own kids.  not satisfying!

check it out here:  fry an egg on the sidewalk fail :: prairie daze

maybe we’ll try again.

have you had success?


w is for easi-speak winner

winner, winner, easi-speak winner!

thanks to my daughter, eliza, for choosing a number between one and 44…after quite a bit of thinking, she chose 26!

you can hear the whole “randomly choosing a number” thing here (though there is a lot of wait time, so be patient!):

“random number chosen :: eliza and mama”

then i counted the comments and found number 26!

this means you, heidi!

check your inbox for a message from me so learning resources can send you your easi-speak!

thanks, all.

happy summer!

f is for father’s day

father's day 2012

a favorite conversation:

a father is a dad.

like a mom but a dad.

if you don’t have a dad you did in some way at the start.

dads can do what moms do.

dads are the men who take care of babies.

dads can wear pink.

dads do all the things that kids need.

dads are men but men don’t have to be dads.

dads can feed babies even if they can’t nurse them.

mostly fathers can take kids where ever moms take kids.

fathers are nice.

they have friends.

dads are nice.

yeah, dads are nice because they knew their kids when they were first born.


happy father’s day, to all you men who are nice because you knew your kids when they were first born.  what an honor of life that is.