f is for funny

oh boy, this halloween week is funny.  and not JUST because it is f week.  we’re dressing up, making funny projects, eating funny things, singing funny songs…

all of it may be as funny as this:

this is a giant t-shirt donated to us that we stuffed with all the extra pieces from our cape making.  the preschoolers quickly named it “big daddy.”  he is heavy and seems to have the effect of a weighted blanket, so there is a lot of lugging this thing around and on top of each other.  but this also means that things like, “big daddy get off of me!” and “oh, big daddy you are so big!” and “i’m sitting on you now, big daddy!” are heard.

so, families:  if you have heard of big daddy, trust that it is merely a t-shirt stuffed with cut up t-shirts.

but you should try to lift him sometime.  he IS heavy.  and funny.

c is for cape

we made capes out of tshirts:

c is for cape

c is for cape

c is for cape

c is for cape

and while there was a lot of teacher help needed, cutting fabric was a fun thing to work on.

c is for capec is for cape

thanks to the thrift shop and families bringing old shirts, we had more than enough for everyone.

c is for cape

then we went flying (after making a cloud for the background…also in honor of c week):

c is for capec is for capec is for capec is for cape

and we did drawing.

c is for capec is for capec is for cape

we kept on with our regular days, capes and all.

c is for capec is for capec is for cape

c is for cape

and in general, felt pretty superhero-ish.

c is for cape

b is for balloon jumping

even though there is NO WAY anyone could actually reach the bunch of balloons tied to the ceiling, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t fun and great exercise trying!

balloon jumping

no shoes, yes blankies and yes swirly dresses make the jumping even better.

balloon jumpingballoon jumping

in looking at the clock in the background, i see that this would have been a few minutes before going home time…one last hurrah to end the day on!


and believe it or not, no children were harmed in the jumping on this day.

b is for balloon painting

oh yeah.  first time ever.  totally fun.

balloon painting

balloons tied to string and the string tied to big mama snake who was already tied to the ceiling. then regular paint to dip in. the first class had the paint in trays. the next classes had piles directly on the paper (learning curve for me).

balloon painting

(notice our “bus” in the background made with all the chairs we didn’t need!)

i adjusted the length of the string so that the balloons weren’t able to go beyond the table (thinking that might keep paint off passers-by).  the balloons stretch a bit anyway as the kids pulled them down to make prints.

balloon painting

and how amazing: there was blue paint at one end and yellow paint at the other, but woa:  green paint showed up in the middle?!?!?

balloon painting

we sent some of the balloon painting home by cutting the big paper into smaller sections. then we used some of it for another project…stay tuned!

b is for baby

nothing quite like a REAL baby visiting for B week show and tell.

baby visit!

baby visit!

and this sweet baby is used to the love of her 3 older siblings, so a preschool class was no trouble for her.

baby visit!

my favorite question from one friend, “can i pet her?”

baby visit!

when i said yes, several others asked, “can i pet her too?”

baby visit!


thank you, baby, for coming to our school.

b is for bethel college visitors

bethel college visitors

our thursday afternoon class had the joy of welcoming some visitors from bethel college‘s public speaking class.

bethel college visitors

bethel college visitors

they came to read to us.

bethel college visitors

how wonderful to have such a wholesome experience from some new grown ups.

bethel college visitorsbethel college visitorsbethel college visitors

then there was a little bit of time to play with play dough together.

bethel college visitors

bethel college visitors

thank you, bethel college friends!  go threshers!

bethel college visitors

rumor has it, a couple of preschoolers have seen some of you around town. don’t be surprised by a little friend saying hello.

d is for drum {a movie!}

all classes have had the joy of playing our big gathering drum this week.  here is a peek at a couple of classes:  T afternoon and W morning.  so, so sweet.

b is for banana (and the “no” symbol and vowel work)

we think that even without us telling you, you will know if this person likes bananas:

b week02

and we think you will know if THIS person likes bananas:

b week03

we learned about the “no” symbol and i drew some signs that i thought would be familiar to the preschoolers.  turns out, no one knew what the “no smoking” sign was until i told them.  and this was a chance to show that even grown ups might not know how to draw a dog.

b week14

then using our paper supplies, we colored our bananas (“kindergarten style”) and showed if we liked them or not…no words needed!

b week15

:: :: :: ::

following our banana work, we sang “apples and bananas” and did some vowel work.  wow, that song gets silly.  our preK afternoon class also read “going on a bear hunt” before we went on a vowel hunt.  but we read it “chapter book” style which felt really grown up.  i drew a book on our calendar to help make sure we didn’t forget to read “chapter 2.”

b week08

watch out kindergarten, it’s only october and these kids know their vowels!

b week04

b is for bean bags, beads, and balls

b week22

when we have a letter of the week, there are always new things related to that letter around the room.  this week we had beads in the playdough to sort by color.

b week05

b week20

and when the beads are mixed up on the tray, it takes some careful work to sort them out again!

b week06

b week21

:: :: :: ::

i bought a set of cardboard letters that we’ll decorate as a class each week.  this week we glued beads on!  this means gluing over and under the beads.  once dry, the big letters get tucked in the ceiling tiles above our circle time rug.

b week7

:: :: :: ::

we had bean bags to toss into a box or at the big “B” drawn on the chalkboard.

b week19b week18b week17b week16

:: :: :: ::

there was ball drawing freehand style and with our spin art machine:

b week13b week12

:: :: :: ::

i found a bag of teeny tiny baskets at the thrift shop (SCORE!!) and they are the perfect size for one bead.  this was a fun and tiny activity.  i was very aware of my own finger muscles…maybe that is a sign of my aging (i turned 39 this week)?

:: :: :: ::

we also offered precut ball shaped papers, paper to cut (as always) and someone brought us lots of stickers!

b week2b week1b week6

we had a ball of a time. : )