c is for chicks

my family’s order of bantam chicks arrived a day early. I was already at preschool and didn’t have time to pick them up from the post office and take them home, so I brought them to preschool.

I feared it would be crazy…but after rigging up a warming light with a christmas decoration and cooking them an egg yolk, they ate and settled.

plus it probably helped to have so many “chick guards.” I’m curious about the stories they will tell.

2 thoughts on “c is for chicks

  1. […] C is for Chicks from Preschool Daze – One of the most vivid memories that I have from my early years are a pair of chicks that we hosted in my third grade class. I remember being fascinated by them, and I remember the sounds they made (and that smell). I had the opportunity to take them home for a few days, probably a long weekend, and that’s when we named them Orville and Wilbur after the Wright brothers, because they seemed determined to fly. I think that animals of all kinds are a wonderful experience for young children. […]


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