b is for brown


we used every color of paint we had to make different shades of brown and then painted paper pieces.

the next days we tore or cut the big paper into little pieces so we could make faces.

the sing song mantras were something like these:

it wouldn’t matter if you looked like this, you could go to the restaurants. it wouldn’t matter what color your skin was, you could go to the restaurants. it wouldn’t matter if you had every kind of white and brown, you could go to any restaurant.

think on this the next time you’re at a restaurant.

a is for apple and arrow

finding old photos never shared…

:: :: ::

a writing
never requesting perfection, children practice making lines and shapes that match the “books.”

:: :: ::

a is for apple
one day we tasted three colors of apples, then rolled little gifted wooden apples in tubs with paint (and when they unintentionally got put in another tub, the result was stunning…and realistic). the next day we used rolls of paper (the kind for a cash register) as “apples” for printing.

:: :: ::

and then this was a good time.

n is for nest


struck with an 8:15 am urge: i made a nest for us to play in.


two overturned horseshoe shaped tables, fabric, masking tape and blankets made a cozy nest…completed with bird books, stuffed animal birds and our bird song clock (bird songs on the hour or when the red button is pushed).







with this music in the background and this as the view from the inside, it was as peaceful as I like to imagine a nest can be.