f is for facebook

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.55.38 AM it’s proving to be true that uploading a quick snippet to our facebook page is much easier than posting here. take a look to see what we’re up to: click here!

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p is for {leaf bag turned flying} pumpkin

i bought a leaf bag per class only to realize we didn’t have nearly enough leaves in our preschool yard to fill even one! so, we inflated them with wind power, tied them shut and used them like balloons. be warned if you do this…they tear/pop very easily. but after that they simply become kite like. : )

enjoy watching our flying pumpkin and listening to a favorite poem:

y is for yoga, preschool style

we’re going through the alphabet with yoga poses! so far we’ve done a through c plus “triangle” poses when we were talking about shapes. IMG_7005.JPG



I’ve not planned ahead…I imagine we might have to get creative with some letters.

b is for baby

we had a little “baby corner” with a few extras: wipes, empty baby food jars, tiny spoons, board books, rocking chairs…

(although we never found the bottles so babies either nursed or “grew up enough to eat food that is safe for babies to eat.”)

it was also a great place to look at a glow in the dark show and tell item…under the couch is the darkest place we have!

o is for october!

it’s a new month and i stumbled on this old video of ours, perfect for the season….which led me to a trip back in time over the years. click here for more of our movies: good stuff


c is for camera…old school style

sweet boy brought a real Polaroid camera for show and tell, then captivated the class by its developing.

IMG_6822.JPGhe also brought a whole collection of old cameras for us!


b is for band aid and blood

my journal work plans started with this sign and boxes of band aids to give those finger muscles a work out:

but almost as soon as we started, our journal work evolved to adding faces and blood to cover with the band aids!

(also, please notice the legos tucked under the journal here. it is a general practice of ours to allow children to take the toy or item they were using and are not done with if the child is transitioning to a teacher directed activity)

so if any of you heard that a teacher was the “bleeder” or “blooder” or “owie maker,” now it might make more sense!

b is for branches

it only took a bit of time to talk about “branches” instead of “sticks.” but since it was B week, we did it!

:: :: ::

we used black tape strips as branches on a black paper trunk.
:: :: ::

we painted real branches from outside and will use for another project during C week:

:: :: ::

the colors green and red and brown and orange and yellow were in full supply for the first week of autumn leaf painting:
:: :: ::

and after the process important task of covering whole papers with paint was dry, we cut them into “leaf” shapes: