our space changes as constantly as there are children in it…

classroom 2010-2011 - 04

the 2014-2015 school year is underway.  this room has been graced with over 30 little bodies and minds.

classroom 2010-2011 - 08

classroom 2010-2011 - 07

classroom 2010-2011 - 06

classroom 2010-2011 - 01

classroom 2010-2011 - 17

classroom 2010-2011 - 16

classroom 2010-2011 - 02

classroom 2010-2011 - 24

classroom 2010-2011 - 18

classroom 2010-2011 - 23

classroom 2010-2011 - 05

classroom 2010-2011 - 15

classroom 2010-2011 - 29

classroom 2010-2011 - 22

classroom 2010-2011 - 21

classroom 2010-2011 - 13

classroom 2010-2011 - 12

classroom 2010-2011 - 28

classroom 2010-2011 - 11

there are memories of past years all over the room.  there are 19 new children this year. blessed, blessed be.

classroom 2010-2011 - 31

i am filled with hopes and prayers and good intentions as i watch children move in this space.

classroom 2010-2011 - 27

:: :: :: :: ::

fire destroyed our classroom in 2002.  at that point we were able to replace our equipment and materials.  most equipment was purchased from community playthings and environments. we are so grateful.

16 thoughts on “OUR CLASSROOM

  1. This blog kept me going on for 3 continuous hours..and I’m still counting…
    I am so glad that i stumbled upon this blog…The way you have displayed things in your classroom is attention seeking and informative at the same time. The fact that you have shared everything that u have done in your classroom is noteworthy! Thank u! :)


  2. I teach preschool and would love to see a sample of the monthly calendar that you send home with families. I am tired of the same boring one we send home year after year. Thank you!


  3. I love your classroom, it is so colorful but not sensory overload! I like the idea of reuse and recycle and the stimulation to be creative. How sad about the fire, but this is spectacular!


  4. Your classroom is so warm and cozy! I love it. I was wondering if you could share how you draped that yellow fabric over the table to form a little tent? How much fabric did you use? Is it just tucked up between the ceiling tiles? I am excited to continue seeing your wonderfully creative ideas!


    1. i’m not sure how much fabric it was….i’m guessing a strip of at least 12 feet (it was probably 60 inches wide).

      and yes, i threaded it through the ceiling tile brace (that’s why it was so sturdy, i think.

      we’ve used up that big piece of fabric for other projects by now and i miss it!

      it was quite the score from the thrift shop!

      thanks for the kind words.


  5. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! I love your sweet videos, your mission, your inspiring ideas and your willingness to share it all with the rest of us! I am the director of a small preschool as well.
    Thank you for all of this and for being who you are.
    Blessed be,


  6. I check your web everyday to see your beautiful, fantastic and wonderful ideas!!!!
    You have a GREAT classroom and wonderful students!!!
    Lucky you!!!!
    You inspire me….
    thanks a lot.
    Cecilia Terrones from Barcelona


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