l is for last week

this is how we do it.

the last week of preschool for 2013-2014.

20140513-204559.jpgwe’re going to finish strong with love and messes.


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m is for magnets

I can’t express enough the benefits of a drop ceiling for times like these. hanging magnets from string (or yarn or fabric strips) tucked in the tiles adds so much fun…and a bit of a brain balance as there is a lot of looking up and down.


m is for martin luther king jr printables

I’m reposting this from a few years back…use freely!


thanks for the kind words from many of you and your interest in honoring the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

as requested, here are a couple of our favorite printables. you should be able to click on them and download them for yourself.

:: :: ::

the first printable we use for cutting practice, then gluing into a capital M shape, or on to random art projects. we also used these images to add dr. king’s face to some of our people shaped blocks.

:: :: :: ::

this is the one we used last year with watercolor paints while listening to jack johnson, of course.

:: :: :: :: ::

this last printable is from years ago by now…we offer lots of shades of brown crayons, mirrors and photos of dr. king.

:: :: :: :: :: :: ::

again, thank you for your support.

let’s celebrate – and live! – the dream.


m is for merry christmas

may your joy be like the freedom to cover your face with frosting after the celebration of a friend’s birthday with warm water and giggles to get as clean as you deem necessary with more friends following your lead while bing crosby plays in the background knowing your mom will be back soon all the while wearing your pajamas at preschool where the temperature inside is 38 degrees warmer than outside. 20131224-083951.jpg
joy like that.

merry christmas with love from new creation preschool.

e is for elf on the shelf

20131205-194034.jpgoh, the elf on the shelf. the great fad, the commercialism, the bandwagon, the misleading antics…well, here’s how I think of it: like tom, tom the leprechaun. a sneaky, clever, well-meaning, magical creature (and I think I have the most fun in the whole thing…).

I mean, this tricky friend turns into a doll every time we’re around. he must have been alive when we were gone or else how could he have made himself a duct tape swing? and he was obviously running around our room the day he spilled my coffee. so, we’ll keep his shelf ready for him, even though he’s never been there so far! oh, buddy, you’re a tricky friend. 20131205-194044.jpgthe treasure of conversation he has initiated alongside our j is for baby jesus theme is precious. as I posted on facebook this week:
20131205-195207.jpgsacred. I learn every day myself.