Here are answers to frequently asked questions specifically about New Creation Preschool.  Feel free to ask questions and I’ll be glad to answer them.

How old does my child need to be to attend New Creation Preschool?

We are licensed as a preschool and according to state regulations, children must be at least 30 months of age on or before they start at New Creation.

Does my preschooler need to be potty trained?

No.  It is a personal belief that potty training can’t be forced or hurried.  Therefore, we welcome children at any stage of their potty training journey.  Preschoolers should come with extra supplies (diapers, wipes, pull ups, training pants, clothes, etc). Cloth diapers and training pants are welcomed, but per state regulations they will be bagged and sent home unwashed.

What is the schedule for preschool?

Children attend one, two or three sessions per week.

Morning session preschoolers arrive between 8:45-9 and get picked up between 11:10-11:15.

Afternoon session preschoolers arrive between 11:45-12:00 and get picked up between 2:10-2:15.

What should my preschooler bring?

Please send a good sized school bag or back-pack every day!  Many times your child will have a stack of things to take home. And please remember to label it!  An extra set of clothing is required for children under the age of three and not a bad idea for all children!

What should my preschooler wear?

Because so many of our projects require creative spirits, you are encouraged to dress your child in clothes they can move freely and get messy in!  All the products we use are labeled “washable” to aid in clean up, so we can all relax and concentrate on learning!

You are responsible for applying sun-block and bug spray before school when you think it’s necessary.

As cool weather approaches please dress your child appropriately! Many children enjoy wearing layers so they can control their own body temperature while indoors! We will go out even in the coldest weather (it’s the best time to see your breath!) so keep your child warm!

We do allow children to take their shoes and socks off both indoors and out.  If you aren’t comfortable with this, please let me know.

What kind of experiences will my preschooler have?

Children develop concepts about themselves, others, and the world by observing, interacting with others and looking for ways to solve problems.  Each day, in consideration of the skills needed for Kindergarten, they will have the opportunities to do the following:

•Develop large and small muscles through their play activities.

•Develop language skills through stories, poems, talking, drawing and playing.

•Express themselves through art and music

What is the role of the teacher?

The role of the preschool teacher is that of a guide.  The teacher will guide the children through lessons and play experiences, encouraging language and thinking skills while fostering good social skills.  This will all be done through developmentally appropriate activities.  The teacher will help to build the child from the inside out.

Here is a peek into what teachers will do when:

28 thoughts on “PRESCHOOL FAQ

  1. Our son will turn 4 in April 2012 and our daughter will turn 2 in March 2012, we are interested in your preschool! Would we be able to come and observe and could we bring our children with us? How soon would we need to get on a waiting list?


  2. Hello. Your website is awesome and I have heard so many great things about your preschool. I am interested in having my three year old attend in the of Fall 2012. Can you provide me some information about how to enroll? In advance, thanks! Holly


  3. I am a preschool teacher in Reykjavik, Iceland. Today we found your wonderful homepage and looked at it during our staff meeting. We dream about visiting you in the future but could not find out where you are :-)
    Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Iceland.


  4. Hi Kristin!
    I love reading and looking at your blog! I am a 4 and 5 year old preschool teacher in Florida. We have a big book of “standards” we have to follow in order to get the children ready for kindergarten. I am definately an out of the box, let the children play, kinda person. Sometimes, I feel suffocated by the “rules”! We only have three hours a day with the children, and I definately feel like I dont have enough time to do all that I want to do. It seems like your schedule is even tighter than mine! How do you get everything done while still incorporating “work”? (I dont do worksheets!!!!!)
    Thanks for your input!


  5. hi kristin! i’ve been following your blog(s) for several years now though i rarely comment–love them both though!! i was a stay-at-home mom for the past 8 years. i just started teaching preschool myself this fall and am loving it! though i don’t have the ability to do everything i’d like to do, i am incorporating as many of your ideas (and others i find online) as i can! i was trying to look through your archives but can’t figure out how to. is there a way for me to go back and look? i’m trying to find as many ideas as i can!! thanks so much!


    • thank you for the kind words. and wow, i didn’t remember that my “archives” were taken off…i’ll do that. now.

      the other thing you can do is search by letter or theme.

      i search for things by typing “b is for” and then i get all our b week activities. :)


  6. Hi,
    I would love to have my child added to your waiting list. Can you please let me know how to do this?

    Your preschool program sounds wonderful, and the website is very helpful!


  7. Wow!!! love your school. I wish we lived closer so I could visit. I’m a teacher at a Co-op school in Hollister, Ca. I love looking at your blog and getting ideas. My favorite hobby is photography, your pictures are beautiful. Your blog is a mixture of my two favorite things; kids and photos!


  8. I was wondering if there was a application that I need to fill out for my 35 month old. Do you still have room for Fall 2011?

    Autumn Adams


  9. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
    Love your creativity… how the heck do you get it all done in one day? I would love to know your daily schedule- I see you have different activities during your day, but what is your time frame? Im struggling to get all the things I want to do into each week!


  10. I love your website. Your pictures are so lively and really capture the spirit of your classroom. I am inspired by your blog and was wondering how your families feel about the blog. Did you ask permission first? Do your families read the blog? I am going to be a 2 Year old Preschool teacher starting June 6 and I am super excited to include some of the ideas from your blog. I think it is just lovely!


    • thank you. : )

      i do ask permission first. there is a “i give my permission for my child’s photograph to be used on the preschool blog knowing my child’s name will never be used.”

      i often wonder how many of our preschool families read the blog. i know some do, but not exact numbers. i’d love to know. : )

      thanks for taking time to ask,

      have fun with those two year olds,



  11. Hey I am wanting to put my son conner in preschool for a day this coming year! is it to late? what do I need to do to enroll him?


  12. i LOVE your ideas, next fall will be my first year teaching preschool & i cant wait to use some of your ideas with them (:


  13. I love this website! I own a preschool in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada and I am getting so many great ideas. I LOVE the homemade pipe tape dispenser. I will be making one of these for my class! GREAT!


  14. My daughter turned 2 last week, so she should meet the 30 month minimum requirement in August. I would love to enroll her for Fall 2011. Will there be space? What do I need to do?



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