p is for play dough cookies

i made mint play dough for christmas week and pulled the family corner stove close to the table.

such a great opportunity for “kitchen language:” turn the oven to 5 degrees, cook them for 3 hours, add more flour, find your oven mitten, my tray is full, get off the stove-it’s on!


c is for candy cane


posterboard, a new tape dispenser (thank you, kourtney!) and new rainbow tape (thank you, otis):


or, you can be like a few preschoolers and say, “oh, yeah!  i know:  j is for christmas!”  : )

c is for (sticky) candy cane

i only knew these as wikki stix until we were given bendaroos (thank you ronni)!

they have been made into spiders, flowers, bracelets, and this week, into candy canes.

of course!