l is for light

did you know that colored paper dividers that your middle school daughter thought she needed and then didn’t are fun to cut and make colored images on the screen when put on an overhead projector?

good times.

s is for shadow

one overhead projector on the ground behind a curtain we use to hide the church folding chairs makes shadows.


during “l is for light” week, this was perfect.



let me tell you, it was exciting.


l is for legoland

when we bring out the legos, it makes sense to me that keeping them in tubs or on shelves isn’t practical.


especially when there is a certain blue piece with a curvy edge that has to be found.


so this year i set out a couple of area rugs and called them “legoland.”  this is where we kept the legos.


when it was time to clean up at the end of the week and going outside to run and scream was really what we were ready for, tossing the legos in was a great compromise.