recording the moments of New Creation Preschool

“preschool is a place where you go to play and learn. there will always be other kids there unless everyone is sick or on a trip or has a broken down car but even then there will always be two teachers there because that is the rule. preschool has toys and glue and crayons. preschool is where you do not ever get in trouble for spilling things or making a mess with paint because the teachers know that paint is messy because that is why they are teachers. you play and read stories and sing songs that are funny. you are allowed to talk about pee and poop because you might have to when you have to go to the bathroom. preschool is a nice place. teachers are not allowed to yell at you or be mean to you or hurt you. at preschool you have friends even if you don’t know any of them. you will get to play outside and use sticks. there is a place you can throw rocks. when you are inside you can use scissors on a lot of things like paper and play dough and string and if you bring a leaf from outside you can cut that. preschool has things that are the same all the time. and you will go to the big school one day and remember the things that got stuck in your brain or your heart from when you were at preschool.” 

“Life, love, and laughter – what priceless gifts to give our children.”  
Phyllis Dryden

a non-profit outreach of New Creation Fellowship Church since 1994
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