m is for mother’s day

SPOILER ALERT:  if you are a mama from preschool and you have not opened your green tissue paper or white lunch bag present, stop reading (and check your child’s backpack…)!





but may you all know the joy children take in making something for someone special.  this year they were “found items necklaces” (or “things to hang on a nail if the mom doesn’t wear necklaces” as one friend said) with 1 inch photos of each.

mother's day 09

yes, my mom would want this.

mother's day 09

oh, my mom loves this color.

mother's day 09

my mom needs a lot of these.

mother's day 09

my mom wants one of everything.

mother's day 09

totally worth the mess.

mother's day 09 by you.

8 thoughts on “m is for mother’s day

  1. Gabby

    OMG…seriously, this brought tears to my eyes…those are some LUCKY mamas! Those necklaces are something to truly treasure! What a great teacher you are! (((HUGS)))



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