z is for zoo

what a week!  in the midst of the last days of school and mother’s day prep, we turned our classroom into a zoo (quite fitting, actually!).

indoor zoo

children were invited to bring pretend animals from home.  this was a favorite of the day.  we did show and tell at the first circle time (instead of at the end of the day).  we graphed each one on an all-school graph and made a masking tape cage for each type on the floor of the classroom.

indoor zoo

this graph is incomplete…we had to move on to another piece of paper and the fish column went off the top!

indoor zoo

we had blue water, blocks, and a few big rocks in the tub table.  plastic animals were allowed to come swim all week.

indoor zoo

i found cheap plastic animals that worked well for making cages so friends could take home their own part of the zoo.

indoor zoo

there were some zoos without walls…

indoor zoo

indoor zoo

some with open gates…

indoor zoo

indoor zoo

indoor zoo

and some had animals that were so wild, the cage bars couldn’t stay up.

indoor zoo

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6 thoughts on “z is for zoo

  1. Trish

    Love the zoos–so simple, yet so creative, and I can just imagine how fun the children thought they were. Sometimes I think they like the simplest things the best.



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