p is for pioneer classroom


i spent the week at the local museum leading a day camp for preschoolers.


classroom bison corner

i realized so clearly how different this gig is from the preschool year.  a couple of my top goals for the preschool school year are letting the environment evolve according to children’s needs and desires and to build relationships between peers and teachers. when we only have 4 mornings together, those are hard goals to meet.



the museum is a wonderful tool for learning.  we have a spacious corner to use all week as our classroom.



one of my goals for this week was to create a space that children could truly play freely in.  that was successful!


our activities of the week are yet to come.

3 thoughts on “p is for pioneer classroom

  1. This is such a wonderful opportunity, to collaborate with your local community and put quality early childhood education into a public space. I’m always thinking about how we ll picture something quite specific when we say the word “classroom” – and that really shouldn’t be the case. I love this environment!


  2. Wow Kristin, that looks like fun! I think it would be hard to come in and make a new space our own in only 4 days, but it looks like you did it.

    I’m trying to throw my regular expectations out the window this summer. I’ve never run a summer program and I am using my usual classroom, but it already feels A LOT different.



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