p is for pioneer toys

a popular stopping point in the museum is their old toy display.

old toy

old toy

after the first day of camp, the campers also know about the drawers at the bottom of the case that open to reveal toys they can play with!


old toy

old toy

we played with spinning tops, whirly-gigs, corn cob dolls, jacks, jacob’s ladders and marbles (all while sitting on the real bison rug, mind you!).

spinning tops

spinning tops

i bought these spinning tops and we painted them with watercolors.  there were some finger muscle work outs this day!


we started each day with a game of “yes and no.”  i held up drawings and the children said “yes” if it existed way-back-when and “no” if it didn’t.

NO:  computer, plastic toys, video games, markers, tv…(one friend suggested that every child would have to live by a creek so that they had something to do.  i think i agree!)



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