New Creation Preschool

m is for martin luther king jr wrap up


UPDATED 1/11/12 to add a copy of the printable!

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we made collage faces again this year starting with group painting a paper covered table.

we stepped over to another table to make hand prints (and sneak a moment with the book).

yes!  lots of brown paper:  just what we need to make our collage faces the next time we come:

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we ended the week with watercolor painting.

i had some of these little people sticks that seemed good for this week.

(tip:  when we use these kind of watercolors, i have some that are kept “clean” and some that are mixed.  some children simply are not ready to rinse each time.  we talk about “dancing the brush on the bottom of the cup” in between colors.  then a quick rinse under the tap has them all clean again.)

how honored i am to have 68 little hands in my life each week.