w is for work time

up on our ceiling we have our schedule cards (3X3 papers with magnets that stick onto our ceiling tiles).  there are several of these cards:


and if you have a current new creation preschooler at home, please show them this picture and ask them what it means.  i’m guessing you will hear:  “then it’s work time and i don’t know WHAT you’re going to do.”  or the shortened version of:  “i don’t know WHAT you’re going to do.”  we have about 4 “work times” each day which are sandwiched between guided times (circle time, snack time, project time, story time, group time, show and tell time…).

we have several copies of this “work time” chart around.  the funniest work time option is going to the bathroom (which you can do ANYTIME…you don’t even need to ask!).


one morning at 9:30, the room was so quiet.  so constructive.  and so many things going on at once.  almost all of these photos are taken within moments of each other.  my favorite kind of classroom….busy!


(yes, one friend figured out how to change the song on the ipod…she needed a better dancing song)



this time i DID know what they did during work time!

4 thoughts on “w is for work time

  1. Gianne

    Just wanted to stop by to tell you I am loving all that you are doing. I featured your box house project on our B activity week–lots of fun stuff there! Thanks! Gianne cowsgomooandducksgoquack.blogspot.com



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