9 thoughts on “c is for circle time

  1. Thanks for your awesome web-site, it is so inspiring to me as a fairly new Pre-K teacher. I too call my preschoolers “friends” in class. I refer to the children when talking about each other as “neighbors”, so I often I willl say for example,” please be nice to your neighbor at circle time.” One child commented recently when I said this, ” He is not my neighbor; I dont live by him.” I explained that at at preschool we are all friends and neighbors when we sit by each other and play together at school. I think this helps teach my class to be kind to eacher other and hopefully it makes their world a better place.


    1. um, look again…during one of the fuzzed out moments you can see a hand moving in and plowing kids apart.

      the thing about this class: no one backs down…no tears…no calls for help…they keep at it…with smiles and wide eyes.

      it’s not necessarily better or worse than the alternative, just different.


  2. Hi Kristin! Love your blog. When I was teaching, I said “friends,” too. Funny, but once in a while, I find myself saying that to my own children…must miss teaching! : ( My son’s preschool teacher used the term as well….more common than we realize.




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