d is for dirt


part of D week was spent with the good old topic of dirt.


how HANDY to have construction going on next door with a huge pile of dirt.


{we may or may not have been asked to please stay off of it}


but we knew where to find our own dirt, how to mix it with water to make mud and how to make dirt balls of our own.


after two days in the sun to dry, they were as hard as rocks!



we also drew self portraits (and portraits of anyone else) on a pre drawn hill.


{by the way:  i love this series of photos of these dear friends}





then there was a walk over to mr. dirty (hee hee hee) where mr rob and mr matt sprinkled dirt on a layer of glue.  now the people were on a hill of dirt!

{apparently that is the moment i put down my camera…glue and dirt and permanent markers…i guess that makes sense.}

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