g is for groundhog!

groundhog day!

we’ve been watching the calendar.  today we checked the computer.   we looked at maps.  and….

groundhog day!

punxsutawney phil saw his shadow!

groundhog day!

so we took some crafty little puppets (groundhog printable glued on old cracker and cereal boxes with a craft stick hot glued on…thank you ms hanna for your factory-like work in getting them ALL cut out!), colored them brown (or any other color of choice) and took them out for a shadow hunt!

ground hog day

ground hog day

groundhog day!

we made holes from tires and climbed on in too.  we were the groundhogs!

groundhog day!

ground hog day

we did read a factoid that phil’s weather predictions have only been right 39% of the time.

groundhog day!

so, if you don’t want 6 more weeks of winter, then you might be in luck!

groundhog day!

:: :: :: ::

we also did some indoor shadow dancing play, but i was too involved to take any photos…tomorrow i hope!

2 thoughts on “g is for groundhog!

  1. Brenna

    Those tires make great groundhog holes. What a great idea! We tried Shadow tag on Groundhog day but it was too cloudy in our area to see any shadows. We did play the day before when it was sunny, though.



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