c is for cloud


after a shaving cream/food coloring/water demonstration of clouds, we made our own.



we used paper cups, flattened them, slathered them with white glue, pressed them on cotton balls, did the other side, and look at that:  a little cloud.  i hot glued a piece of yarn between the flattened cup ahead of time.



i’m always heart warmed by children who turn inanimate objects into playmates.  this friend is taking care of her little cloud baby:


“you want to go oooooover the wall?  it’s okay, i’ll save you!”




then there were a whole bunch of little cloud babies. : )


4 thoughts on “c is for cloud

  1. Oren

    Hey– Kristin, Great post. Absolutely adorable pictures of the girl and her cloud friend. I was curious on more details of your ‘shaving cream/food coloring/water demonstration of clouds’.
    Here’s what I gather from the picture:
    1. Make blue water with food coloring in a clear plastic cup
    2. Put shaving cream on top of water
    3. Add more food coloring

    Am I missing anything?



  2. Julie L.

    I like your Cloud Babies. You flattened a paper cup? Or put cups together and flattened them with the string in the middle? I would like to try this activity with my Little People.



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