s is for sticker art

we’ve done quite a bit of this lately…drawing and dictating.

sticker art

this day we had some stickers as “starting points.”


we talked about what our cat or dog might need and headed to the “scribble tables.”

sticker art

fellow teachers and parents and those who visit with children know how awkward the glance can be if a child is asked, “what is it?” and they don’t know.  so we say things like, “what do you want to pretend this is?” or “do you have ideas of what this is?” or “anything you want me to say about this blue circle shape?”

sticker art

sticker artsticker art

sticker artsticker art

the other things that these draw and dictate times allow for is teacher/child bonding.  we have those one-on-one moments to visit and make eye contact while in close proximity of each other.

sticker artsticker art

sticker art

and note:  if these kids are ever in charge of a cat or dog, they have it covered!

sticker art

2 thoughts on “s is for sticker art

  1. DeeDee Farmer

    Love it! :) What an awesome way to connect with the children and support their growing language/literacy and creativity skills.



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