l is for the luna projection camera {a review and a giveaway!}

luna camera review!

well, this was a first for me.  i know many seasoned bloggers have been asked to review a product, but this is my first time.  i asked questions like “how much will it cost” and “by when do you need it returned?” and “are there other fees?”  to my delight, it cost us nothing and it is ours to keep.  thank you, learning resources!

luna camera review!

we received the luna interactive projection camera from learning resources to use and review.

luna camera review!

we already use my computer, an external speaker and an external monitor.   i could quickly determine that this luna camera offers something different than my computer’s camera.

luna camera review!

before i started using it at preschool, i read about it online. another reviewer mentioned one problem is the camera being top heavy.  we experienced that too, and wanting the children to be able to move the camera, we took care of it with a bit of duct tape.

luna camera review!

things the children would like you to know that we like about the luna camera:

things that are small look bigger on the screen.

you are allowed to push the camera button anytime you want and the picture goes on ms. kristin’s computer.

you can make scenes and then take a picture so you don’t forget them.

you can push the light button to turn the light on and off.

if you are gentle, you can move the camera.

the camera is connected to something called a “neck” and that is funny.

it doesn’t matter how many pictures you take. *true:  the first day we had the luna camera, there were over 280 pictures taken…i found them all on my desktop!

the teacher can draw a picture and everyone can see it better.

it feels like a movie when you read the book under the camera.

it is a real camera, so you have to be careful.

if the lights are off in the room, everything goes in slow motion.  *true:  when our classroom lights are off, there isn’t enough light to see things move in “real time.”  making sure the lights in the room are on takes care of it!

you can make things go upside down and side ways. *true:  there is an option to rotate the image on the screen.

luna camera review!

already, the luna camera has changed our group times.  the variety and flexibility it provides has enhanced looking and listening times.  a bigger monitor would make this product more beneficial because the image from the camera would be bigger (that has been added to my wish list!).

here we are taking turns showing our favorite pages of a book:

luna camera review!

it has also changed work time (this is what we call “free time” or “play time” or “center time”).  i have it set up all day, every day as another option for children to explore with.  and explore they do.  the following photos are taken by someone pressing the “camera” button.

(as i mentioned earlier, there are HUNDREDS of photos taken daily…most will head to the trash, but they love seeing their image frozen on my computer screen)

a favorite moment for one class:  we put the camera over a timid turtle’s box went across the room to eat snack.  we would look over to the screen every now and then. sure enough, since we were across the room look who peeked her head out:

we are grateful for this product and highly recommend it.

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and thanks to learning resources, i have one to give away.

leave a comment and one random winner will be chosen.  go team!

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there is another product we’re reviewing soon, so stay tuned!

51 thoughts on “l is for the luna projection camera {a review and a giveaway!}

  1. kristina jaquith

    Very cool! It would be well-loved in my preschool classroom! Thanks for the chance of winning!


  2. Donna Jackel

    Wow! What a cool camera! My preschoolers would love this! I would probably put it in my science center. Hope I win! Thanks! Donna Jackel


  3. Crystal

    This looks like so much fun. I can imagine the possibilites are endless. Our students would LOVE this. Thanks.


  4. Meaghan

    I can think of a million ways I would use this in my classroom. In the science center – with manipulative building – the writing center just to name a few. The children in my class already enjoy using the digital camera. This would be another way to document their work!


  5. Brittany Cousins

    This would be a great addition to our entire center. We have 6 classrooms ranging from infant to school-age. I can just imagine all the interesting things my preschoolers would think up to do with this camera. Please Pick us, Pick Us : )


  6. shannon

    I would love to have this camera for our new room at the Environmental Charter School called the Thinking Lab. Students are exploring the intersection of art, technology, science, and design. What a perfect tool to capture these content areas!


  7. Marci Butler

    Oh WOW!!! This looks like so much fun to play with. I could find so many fun things to do with this camera, with my group of kids.


  8. susi rodriguez

    this is so fun, i would love to donate this to my sons school, how cool is this, as he says fantastic!


  9. Deborah Hendrickson

    Love the activities and that the camera is “preschool” friendly. I think it is great that you got one to review!
    Thank you for sharing all your ideas and your classroom. I always get so many awesome ideas from your blog. :)


  10. Kato Jane

    This looks like so much fun! A great way to bring technology into the classroom without turning off brains. The kids would love it.


  11. Cathy Moore

    I use my camera frequently during the day in my preschool classroom, and the children often ask me to “take a picture” of their latest creation. This would allow them to do it themselves!


  12. Miss Joanna

    What a fantastic device! It would be a wonderful surprise ending to our current “Mad Science” unit! :)


  13. Cindy W.

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that. My preschool classes would love it. Thank you for the giveaway.


  14. Melissa Bowman

    Looks really interesting, I’m always interested in new ways to bring technology into the classroom.


  15. Tonya

    Pick us pick us! Would be a great way for my kids to communicate with their preschool cousin in Indiana – could do it through pictures and stories of our days.


  16. gail

    I love the idea of children being able to capture the little scenes they create – especially when they are in full exploration mode with critters, legos, blocks and rocks.


  17. Heidi Porter

    I thought that was awesome when I helped out in the classroom last week. I would love to have one. We could use it for Parents As Teachers events.


  18. lisa

    What an amazing piece of equipment – that would be wonderful to use in my Kindergarten class! We don’t have anything like this available to us so this would really give us the opportunity to enrich our program.


  19. Shelby Robinson

    I would love to have this camera……..wouldn’t the kids (and me too) be excited to look at the tadpoles close up and then be able to take a photo and document the tadpoles’ development. Thanks for the chance!


  20. Libby Love Albers

    awesome kristin! What a fun surprise to find all the snapshots on your computer for the first time! ha! Thanks for always bringing new things into the classroom! – Libby Albers


  21. Pauline

    Ooooo pick me! Pick me! (please) :) it looks like something my little guys would love. They would take a zillion shots with it.


  22. Miriam Prantner

    This is so neat! Will it work to send an image to the television too? Thanks for the chance to win!


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