e is for easi-speak {a review and giveaway!}

UPDATED:  this giveaway is open to comment entries through monday, the 18th.  one winner will be randomly chosen and announced on tuesday, june 19!

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barely used to how this whole review/give away thing works, we’re reviewing and giving away another product from learning resources!

we received the easi-speak usb recorder from learning resources to use and review.


when i first started teaching here in 1994, we had a record player along with cassette tape players.  eventually we moved on to cd players and now we are exclusively iphone/computer for music.  back in the era of cassette tapes, i would fairly regularly record preschoolers’ voices.  sometimes just to listen to as a self-observation type situation and sometimes for a game.

(preschool circa 1996.)

a specific game was “guess who” where each child would take turns saying, “hello.”  then we’d switch seats on the rug, i’d play back the tape and we’d try to figure out who was who.  we haven’t done this since getting rid of our cassette tape player.  and i didn’t realize it!

so if for no other reason, the easi-speak will let us play “guess who” again!


i know from my experiences as a mama, there is little as precious as hearing your own child’s voice on the phone.  because this recorder has the option to download the files (not all recorders do!), i can imagine getting a snippet of a preschooler’s voice and sending it to families via email and to share at our parent-teacher conferences.

our very first recording:

“can you hear me?”

press the red button, say something, let go of the red button, plug easi-speak into computer, find the recordings in the MIC_REC folder and drag file to our desktop.  super simple.


things the children would like you to know that we like about the  easi-speak:

you might feel like a rock star.

it is really light.  it’s not heavy at all.

there are buttons on the microphone.

the teacher can put your voice on the computer forever.

it’s like a movie without any pictures.

there is a necklace for it from the company.

even if you whisper the sound will show up.

you can press a button to hear what you said.

you can make recordings longer than the whole preschool day. (in reference to the 4 hour capacity of audio)

you can do yourself talking or something else that makes noise.

we are grateful for this product and highly recommend it.

you can find learning resources all over this virtual world:

click here to find them on facebook

click here to find them on twitter

click here to find them on youtube

click here to find them on pinterest

and thanks again to learning resources, i have one to give away.

leave a comment and one random winner will be chosen.  go team!

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47 thoughts on “e is for easi-speak {a review and giveaway!}

  1. Cindy W.

    I love to let my preschoolers record themselves – but I’m still using the “old style”. This looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for the giveaway.


    • Glory

      This would be so much fun to use in my Pre-K classroom! My kids LOVE to speak in front of their peers, and it would be such a wonderful literacy tool as well! Thanks for the chance to win it! <3


  2. William

    This is fantastic! I’m not sure if you’ve tried any iPad apps in the classroom, but that is another way to utilize technology with kids. One app I found particularly useful is A Jazzy ABC. It educates children on their ABCs and jazz music. There are interactive ABC and musical recognition games; my kids found it really fun. The animation is flawless and the sound is quite realistic. Also, there is a camera function that enables you to take a picture within the app and share it. Here is their website, its definitely worth taking a look at:


  3. Chris Leemans

    I remember tape recorder days. I still have one at the preschool, but this would be so cool, and would fit in with the technology benchmarks we need to start including!


  4. Cathy Moore

    At Christmas my preschoolers bring in an item that makes a sound. We record the sounds then guess what made them. The easi-speak would be awesome for this!


  5. Janet

    What a great idea! I remember all the crazy memories my brother and I had as a kid using the recorder from the Home Alone movies. I would love one for our classroom!


  6. Holly Minor

    Id use this daily in our morning meeting and play yesturdays back for them! Love it! Teaching special needs 3, 4, and 5 most with speach delays this would help a lot! Crossing my fingersand toes!


  7. Stephanie Rost

    Just discovered your blog today!! it is filled with awesome ideas. I am blessed to work with 2’s in my church preschool. They are my favorite age. I am busily trying to figure out a way to encourage my director to get this microphone for our preschool Agess2 thru prek.


  8. Marie Tornow

    Hope I’m not too late! This would make our little Christmas pagents even more magical for our parents as well as many many other applications in our classrooms. I so enjoy reading your creative and child centered ideas. Thank you!!


  9. Mischa Owen

    I love it! I enjoy reading your blog! You always have such great ideas. Your preschoolers are so lucky! I would love to have the easi speak in my classroom.


  10. Betsy

    Several years ago I had a parent who was the station manager at a local radio station. He came to school with his recording equipment and interviewed the kids. I would love to be able to do that again!


  11. Heidi Porter

    How fun! I used the tape record myself all the time when I was little. What a fun way to bring back something old with something NEW.


  12. Kendra Neufeld

    This looks like an awesome little gadget, and since my little preschooler will be a big Kindergartner next year, I’d love to have one at home since Kristin won’t be able to send me e-mails with her voice :)


  13. seneferu

    I work in an autism classroom for 3-5 year olds. We use a plastic mic during group times that puts an echo to your voice and encourages students to repeat words or begin to make sounds. I have heard some first time utterances with the plastic mic. I can only imagine the wonderfully amazing things I would be able to do with the easi-speak!


  14. Janet

    Our preschool doesn’t even have a usable recorder so this is something we would love to have! Thank you for the opportunity to try and win one.


  15. alicia

    yay! we love anything that we can record on! love to hear our voices. i use old cassette recorders still to help bring out the little voices in some of my sweets that are a little slow to talk. this would be a great new tool for our classroom!


  16. Katie

    I have an old tape player and books on cassette that I have used in my classroom since the ’90s. An easy speak microphone would be an awesome addition to my preschool class.


  17. Carrie Christopher Dault

    What a fun and clever idea! The possibilities are limitless. You can have them read the words in the class books that they write, play the recording as you turn the pages. You could send a voice email to a sick classmate at home. Or have them practice their counting and play it back to hear if they missed any numbers.


  18. Meaghan

    Awesome! I would love to use this at the centers in my classroom to record the children’s dialogue, at circle time to help us keep track of the children’s ideas, or even in the science center when doing a unit on senses and hearing. So many uses!


  19. Brittany Cousins

    So neat! My kids would go crazy with that : ) I have seen record-able mic’s before but never one’s you can download to a computer! Hope we win!!


  20. catherine c

    i also used cassette recorders when i began teaching…wow technology has come so far! – would love to win this awesome giveaway!


  21. Jenn Teehee

    This is so fun. We in the Lion class use Miss Jenn’s iPhone to record and listen. It’s really fun to interview each other. The Guess Who game sounds like so much fun though!


  22. Glory

    I have wanted to try one of these with my PreKinders for a while now. I know it would be a wonderful tool to use in my classroom. Hope you have a relaxing summer. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas with us!
    <3 Glory


  23. Cheryl

    This really is an awesome product! I don’t have one, but hopefully I’ll get one (from you) soon!! I’ve tried it in other classrooms, it’s great! Your blog is incredible and gives me so many ideas for my classroom!! Thanks!


  24. Melinda

    Like what you wrote, without the old cassette players, we’ve missed some wonderful recording activities. I hope to win this for my classroom!!



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