e is for {fry an} egg {on the sidewalk} experiment

well, well.

we’ve done a lot of egg experiments and watched the egg white turn white and the yolk get hard and then we’ve eaten it…

eggs! - 02eggs! - 03eggs! - 04eggs! - 05eggs! - 06

if we had summer preschool, i bet we would have tried frying an egg on the sidewalk.

and maybe it’s the morning after low that gives me the pessimistic thought that it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

i did this whole fry and egg on the sidewalk with my own kids.  not satisfying!

check it out here:  fry an egg on the sidewalk fail :: prairie daze

maybe we’ll try again.

have you had success?


4 thoughts on “e is for {fry an} egg {on the sidewalk} experiment

  1. Sofia Barlow

    No, I have not had success and I also hate to see a good egg get wasted. I will wait until someone I know can perfect the art of frying egg from the sidewalk so I can have that person teach me. That way no food gets wasted.


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