f is for funny faces

we had a funny face activity that was perfect for our funny f week when we came in costume (all week long!):

funny face day

(during our costume week, i draw pictures of them…those are funny)

when the preschoolers arrived, the couch had paper that needed to be balled up.

funny face day

as the beginning work time went on, each child picked one forehead, one pair of eyes, one nose and one mouth.

funny face day

these were images i found on line and printed at home, then trimming to the width of a paper bag.

funny face day

only during the project did i realize that one of the woman faces was actually a “most wanted” image. that was weird.

funny face day

pick one nose?  that’s funny.

funny face day

then these were glued to one side of a paper bag.

funny face day

after the glue dried a bit, we stuffed the bags with the crumpled up paper, scrunched and taped up the opening of the bag to use as a handle.

funny face day

then it was time for our funny face poem. oh, mr. matt, you look extra funny with your shaggy wig on.

funny face dayfunny face day

you might think i’m just a funny face looking right at you,

funny face day

but really it’s me, i’m about to say…..BOO!

funny face day

yes, i recommend this project and i look forward to doing it again!

funny face day

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