k is for ketchup (paint)

oh, silly red paint in the ketchup bottle, you came back again!  i really must remember to do this with other types of bottles. we’ve put white paint in a milk jug, but i still need to put yellow paint in a mustard bottle and purple paint in a grape jelly bottle. we used this […]

k is for ketchup paint

in anticipation of christmas projects, i wanted some painted paper that looks like fire.  since it was k week, we started with red paint (in a ketchup bottle).  this is almost as funny as this. we added a new color each day:  red, yellow, orange. the yellow was glitter paint! the first day we painted […]

p is for pink

to the tune of “if you’re happy and you know it…” when you mix red and white you get pink when you mix red and white you get pink when you mix them you will see a new color magically when you mix red and white you get pink with a squirt of red and […]

v is for vehicle

using cars, trucks, anything with wheels, we made tracks by running these wheeled vehicles through blobs of paint. i taped paper on the entire table and drew a simple “road” ahead of time. then i would drop blobs of paint as needed….you can imagine those became oil slicks (time to talk about pollution), rain puddles […]

e is for egg shell (and 25 others)

i buy these large cardboard alphabet shapes each year. then as we work our way through, we coopratively glue things on to represent that letter. here we have egg shells glued on the e. other favorites i can remember: apple seeds on a buttons on b crayon chunks on c dirt on d fake fur […]