m is for mama spider

the week before halloween was e week. I made a big “spooky” spider web and connected it to the letter e because 1. there is that silly song about the elephants who go out to play upon a spider’s web one day and 2. spiders have egg sacks. masking tape was added all week long. […]

w is for web

another year, another web. this time an elephant came out to play. our egg carton elephant named ellie. one elphant went out to play upon a spider’s web one day she had such ENORMOUS fun that she called for another elephant to come… two elephants went out to play… (you get the idea!) :: :: […]

e is for egg carton challenge!

we joined in on tinkerlab’s creative challenge…there are oodles of egg-celent ideas over there! our post-easter-pre-earth-day plans include making another BIG cooperative collage like we did with ellie the elephant a couple of years ago: then we painted them with white and black paint. we used leftover paint to paint paper and recall the concept […]

y is for yarn

oh, joy. we made a HUGE spider web, working on it for a week. we used donated/thrifted yarn and with four points tied to furniture, we wove and wove. under and over. sometimes the balls of yarn would be thrown to a friend across the web. only one did a supporting shelf get pulled over […]