May 23, 2020

What is the “re-opening plan” for New Creation Preschool?

Based on “pre-COVID 19” information, I am generating 2020-2021 class lists like I typically would. The start date for 2020-2021 is scheduled for September 8. In addition, I am imagining different scenarios that we could phase to as needed. Each scenario includes me as teacher for all classes and us meeting at New Creation Preschool. 

Each scenario also assumes potential practices for staff…things like mask/glove wearing by staff (we don’t know how this will look in a few months), a schedule of outside time (one option is doing preschool primarily outside), windows open with fans for cross ventilation (we are so fortunate for this option in our building), physical barriers between children for teacher guided times (if I ask a group of children to come to the journal table, I will have plexiglass barriers between each of us), physical barriers to create “safe play spaces” (plexiglass so children are alone in their space but can see friends right next to them), washing toys/equipment after being used by a child (i’m imagining toys divided into tubs that are single use before taken to kitchen for sanitizing), etc.

One thing that is consistent between all scenarios: I will not make guarantees with children’s behaviors.

I can’t guarantee a preschooler would keep a mask on. I can’t guarantee that a child wouldn’t walk into another “safe play space.” I can’t guarantee that a child wouldn’t toss a toy into another child’s space for that child to pick up. I can’t guarantee that a child wouldn’t come to preschool infected but asymptomatic. I can’t guarantee that a child wouldn’t cough because they drank their water too fast. I can’t guarantee that children wouldn’t hug. I can’t guarantee that a child wouldn’t hug their teachers. I can’t guarantee that a child wouldn’t spew respiratory droplets because of their enthusiastic talking…and more than ever I am committed to maintaining our dignity preserving, love based, curiosity motivated behavior management in the classroom.

Deep breath.

If you completed an enrollment application for 2020-2021, you will receive an individualized “reopening plan” based on the information you gave. There will also be space for you to share concerns, questions or schedule preferences. There is no obligation for you to attend in 2020-2021 and no enrollment fee. There is time to “wait and see.”

While I am committed to coming up with the safest practices we as a staff can implement, this will not eliminate the risk of you sending your child to preschool. Following guidelines from KDHE, the CDC, USD 373, the NAEYC, we will do what we can. 

The adults are the safe keepers. The children are children. 

With cautious hope and humble gratitude,

Ms Kristin


Thank you for your interest in New Creation Preschool for the 2020-2021 school year!

the big question: are we enrolling for preschool for 20-21?

short answer: yes!

longer answer: i haven’t worked on enrollment in a few weeks, but i have all enrollment applications that have been completed online. my goal is always to find a place for everyone. i will dive back into enrollment in the next couple of weeks.

longest answer: i’m not sure what things will look like in fall due to covid-19. we typically start in september on the tuesday after labor day.

it would not be possible for us to do our program with social distancing in place, so we’re simply waiting to see how things evolve. there is no financial obligation for enrollment which eliminates any concerns of paying for an unknown. i will continue as director and lead teacher for all classes. ms brenda will join me as classroom assistant for all classes and we will have at least one other teacher friend per class. we have 14 other teacher friends who meet KDHE qualifications/screening requirements and their schedules will be determined closer to the beginning of the 20-21 school year.

i will enroll families as though we will be in our building and make changes as needed. if you have submitted your enrollment application, look for an email from me in the next couple of weeks determining your schedule at new creation preschool.

if you haven’t enrolled yet and your child will be at least 30 months of age on september 8, click here to submit your enrollment application.

if you are interested in new creation preschool in the future, click here to add your information to the waiting list.

Here are some answers to a few FAQ:

When is my enrollment application due?
There is no end date, but as time goes on, classes fill up and options are limited. You are encouraged to submit your application ASAP and give as much information as you can. If you aren’t sure what schedule you want, there is a place to indicate that. That way I can pencil you in and then we can work it out.

How old does my preschooler need to be?
According to State Guidelines, all children must be 30 months of age on or before September 4, 2020.

Most common follow up question: does my child need to be potty trained?
No! Children do not need to be “potty trained.” We welcome children at all stages of their toilet learning journey.

What are my class options?
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday morning multi age classes (in general, 2.5-3 year olds)
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday afternoon PreK classes (in general, 4-6 year olds)
Any combination of morning and afternoon classes (though according to state regulations, a child can not attend more than one session per day)

Do you recommend siblings be in the same class?
The short answer is “yes!” In over twenty years of operating, we have had many sibling pairs and trios come through. We see it as an opportunity to nurture their sibling relationship while assisting them in having individual experiences. We also recognize the convenience for families in terms of transportation to keep siblings together. Let me know if you have any concerns as you consider schedule options.

What is the difference between PreK and multi age classes?
Our PreK classes naturally allow further exploration and practice with skills and concepts that children encounter in their Kindergarten year. Understanding the need/preference to keep siblings together or schedule needs, we will welcome PreK children into the morning classes and younger children into the afternoon classes.

How many years do children attend preschool?
Some children attend three years, some attend one or two. Many families choose to send their child one morning a week when they are 2.5-3 years, then two mornings a week when they are 3-4, then join the PreK class when they are 4-5. We also welcome children who wait a year before going to Kindergarten and will be 6 during their last year of preschool.

What time will classes meet?
Morning classes meet 8:45-11:15 (drop off 8:45-9, pick up 11:10-11:15)
Afternoon classes meet 11:45-2:15 (drop off 11:45-12, pick up 2:10-2:15)

What is the cost*?
1 session/week = $56/month September-May
2 sessions/week = $112/month September-May
3 sessions/week = $168/month September-May

* Listed above are the standard tuition levels. Through donations and the support of New Creation Fellowship Church, we are able to offer financial assistance in the form of reduced tuition levels. Please indicate interest in receiving financial assistance on the enrollment application. If you are already receiving a reduced tuition rate, that will carry over for 2020-2021. If you desire a change (either more or less), let me know.

Who will the teachers be?
I will continue as director and lead teacher for all classes. Ms. Brenda will join me as Classroom Assistant for all classes and we will have at least one other teacher friend per class. We have 14 other teacher friends who meet KDHE qualifications/screening requirements. Their schedules will be determined closer to the beginning of the 20-21 school year.

How do I enroll?
Complete the application here! Applications will be processed as they are received. You will receive a Letter of Confirmation by email once your application has been processed and class lists have been created. Keep in mind that this can take some time as the schedule puzzle evolves. I will stay in communication with you before classes are decided.

Grateful for your interest our program,


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