New Creation Preschool has been a non-profit outreach of New Creation Fellowship Church since 1994, having provided preschool education in a loving environment to hundreds of young children. 

In response to Covid 19, we closed our building and canceled tuition on March 19, 2020. New Creation Preschool relies on tuition, grants and donations to maintain our program.  New Creation Fellowship Church is a small congregation that has supported the preschool program tirelessly giving thousands of dollars every year. The loss of tuition and an unknown reopening date has added financial stress and we are accepting donations.

In the summers I do “play days” which have served as a time to celebrate special days and raise money for the “preschool fund” (money I use to buy equipment and supplies for preschool). It is different this year being online and free to all. Donations to the PRESCHOOL FUND via PayPal will help care for this anticipated loss.

You can read more about our plans for reopening in fall 2020 here.

Feel free to share this post. Thank you.


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