m is for dr. martin luther king jr

this year there seemed to be great interest in how long his name is. five parts to his name: dr. martin. luther. king. jr.

maybe the magnitude of his work is reflected in the magnitude of his name.


the story remains the same, with delivery varying based on the state of the world, nation, state, town, school. this year in our conversation of “sticking up for people who are made fun of,” the president of the united states was mentioned as someone who makes fun of people. in the same circle there is the typical look of confusion as we discuss laws and practices of the 60s. then further confusion when a child of color speaks up and says, there are still people who don’t like black people.

these are the times we live in.

so we heal the world by empowering them with action. they know how to love, they know how to feel, they know what is just.

our project this week involves blending colors and stating the invitation for each color to each child:

red reminds to stand tall
orange reminds to stay curious
yellow reminds to stick up for others
green reminds to love
blue reminds to speak up
purple reminds to have hope
black and white remind to listen
beautiful brown can be found when all colors are mixed

they know how to do these things:

be proud of who you are, remember you are loved, you have friends
ask questions, keep learning, don’t just believe things
tell people to stop being mean, smile at kids who are alone
love someone or something or do something you like to do
tell someone if someone or something is being hurt
think that things are going to get better no matter what
when you mix all those good things it’s good

in listening to the news, it’s easy to feel that our work has just begun, that we’ve taken steps backwards, that our progress was a sham.

in listening to the children, it’s easy to feel the world is in good hands.

c is for circle time

in addition to special things related to the week’s themes, we do all of these things at circle time every day. 

the helper of the day has many opportunities and by this point in the year, the preschoolers know what comes next!

2017-2018 forms


dear families of the 2017-2018 school year…here are the forms!

  • calendars (for your information)
  • t-shirt order forms (optional)
  • play dough sign up (optional)
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let me know if you have any questions: newcreationpreschool@gmail.com

ONLINE CALENDAR  (includes our Snack Calenadar):

T-SHIRTS FOR SALE: we have a limited supply of two styles of t-shirts:


tshirt collage


(recipes following sign up form)

1970s Play Dough

2 c flour

4 t cream of tartar

1 c salt

2 T oil

2 c water

food coloring

boil water.  add salt and oil and stir til dissolved.  add remaining ingredients and stir/knead/mix in mixer.  can add additional flour as needed.  can also add essential oils or extracts for scent.

Kool-Aid Play Dough

1 pkg kool-aid

2 T oil

1 c water

1/4 cup salt

2 cups flour

heat water to boiling, add kool-aid and salt.  stir til dissolved.  add oil and flour.  knead in additional flour as needed.





returning families will review forms from last year at the Parent Meeting/Open House to make any changes necessary. there is one form that needs to be completed every year for every child:

FOR NEW PRESCHOOLERS: click on the following forms (or screen shot) to save and edit for your preschooler.  if your preschooler is already in a childcare facility/home, you can bring in a copy of these completed forms. if you would like a hard copy from preschool, let me know and i can print them for you.


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Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 8.12.30 PM

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celebrating solstice 



we had two “play days” (summer preschool) celebrating the coming of summer.


in anticipation of my own teenager kids coming to visit and help, i left this note at home to which they replied, “uh, obviously.” i was grateful.

our days had a fairly steady showing of animal puppet shows (this one was special because a younger sister was having her very first day of preschool this day!):


we had blue and yellow things in our almond-coconut-olive oils and flour “sand.”



we did sun painting with a salad spinner and sky painting with art rollers.

click here for a video recorded live.



we smelled sunscreen, orange oil and shea lotion, trying to guess which was which, then did body painting with the lotion. click here to see another video recorded live.


and finally, while still outside under the mulberry tree, we added a summer blessing and glitter to our sun and sky paintings…and our lotion legs.