d is for dentist


oh, joy.  this was more fun than i expected.


we set up a pretend dentist office in the classroom.  it didn’t take the place of the family corner where dramatic play usually starts.  it was across the room so there was quite a bit of traveling back and forth (as well as wood deliveries from the block corner).


there was a waiting area, a reception desk and the one patient seat.


it posed a slight risk to have the clip on lamp, but there were no injuries and the effect was fabulous.




other supplies included coffee stirrers (as tooth counters), disposable changing pads for bibs and mats, blocks that were used as xray machines, and real xrays!


we had mirrors for friends to hold which proved helpful for doctor and patient:


some medicine showed up mid week.  there were a lot of “tickets” written.



the big toothbrush and teeth were fun.


and near the end of the week one clever friend “lost” two teeth!




d is for dry erase

some dry erase boards erase so nicely.

some do not.

dry erase

our display cases erase beautifully.  here we are using one that aren’t on the wall.

dry erase

dry erase

huh, i don’t know what they were all looking at.

d is for dog house

i brought this travel crate for the days our dog sally visited, then it was cleaned out, door removed and became a family corner prop.

i only wish i had a photo of friday when there were four (4!!!!) boys in it…with pillows and blankets.  all barking.

to be in the dog house at preschool is a good thing.

d is for dog bones

“d is for dog” week had many dog bone moments.


first of all, we had an ongoing list of things we know dogs need.  dog bones came up more than once.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


this was not my plan.

IMG_3698.JPG by you.

i have a hard time using food products for art projects.  and while dog bones are not people food, we made them inedible for the dogs.


my plan was to sacrifice about 10 of the dog bones for us to make prints using paint.  the rest we would share with our dog visitors.



i left the bag of dog bones near the paint table (to show the children the package, etc.).  within moments, the bag had been opened up and children were hand painting the bones.


i brought out paint brushes, quit trying  to make excuses of why we were painting perfectly good dog bones, and let them enjoy the process.


we glued them to old foam board and sent them home.  by the way, if your dog does eat them, the paint is officially non toxic.


:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


we made our own dog bones one day.

the recipe was very simple (and good enough for people to eat too):

IMG_3398.JPG by you.

1/2 c corn meal

2/3 c meat broth

6 T oil

2 c whole wheat flour

Mix ingredients well.  (we smooshed it by hand)

Roll out to 1/4″ thick. (we each took a clump and flattened it with our hands)

Cut into shapes with cutter. (we shaped them by hand)

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 min. (we overbaked them each day but the dogs still ate them)

Cool on wire rack.  (we left them on the pan to cool because we had to hurry to show and tell time)

IMG_3396.JPG by you.

IMG_3389.JPG by you.





:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

IMG_3370.JPG by you.

some of our snack friends brought dog bones for people to eat!



when we get prepackaged snack items, i like to put the scissors on the table (preferably only a few pair per table so problem solving and sharing comes naturally) so they can open their snack on their own.


IMG_3372.JPG by you.

d is for dog puppet


this is a really “crafty” project, but some children seem to be comforted by the simplicity, the short-ended process of projects like this.



paper bags and precut shapes (eyes, nose, tongue, tail).  i didn’t take a picture of the “legs.”  one friend wanted legs, so we simply cut a triangle shape out of the bottom of the folded bag….legs!


we used a mirror on the table to notice where our eyes, noses, mouths and ears are.  then we looked at dog pictures and saw the similarities.




one little guy made three puppets, each a little different.

w is for wheat

planting wheat

we planted wheat the week before easter.  this also included a lot of filling and emptying of cups.

planting wheatplanting wheat

if kept damp, this will sprout and grow quickly!

planting wheat

we planted a couple of big tubs at preschool which will be fun to trim and hide little animals in.

v is for valentine station

valentine station

we had an ever-expanding “valentine station” in the classroom for the first half of february.

valentine station

paper hearts, pipe cleaners (or am i not supposed to call them that anymore?), glue, red and pink crayons, colored pencils, scissors, tape (!!!!), bulletin board borders, doilies, stickers, etc.

valentine station work

valentine station work

we added an owl card for o week. we added heart cutting supplies after i watched a preschooler do it on his own.

valentine station work

we added purple crayons and paper plates during p week.

valentine station work

valentine station

valentine station work

we’ll get to open up the tub table again next week!

w is for writing boards

writing boards 0809 - 08

here is the best $20 i’ve spent in a long time.

writing boards 0809 - 01 by you.

we’re working on letter formation, holding the marker comfortably and moving towards holding it in the “kindergarten way,” sound recognition, upper and lower case differences, and simple exploration.

writing boards 0809 - 03 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 04 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 06 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 09

writing boards 0809 - 10

writing boards 0809 - 11

writing boards 0809 - 13

writing boards 0809 - 02 by you.

it is satisfying to watch the them go through the steps of choosing a board, getting a paper towel, and write, wipe, write, wipe, write, wipe.

writing boards 0809 - 12

writing boards 0809 - 14

(she moved to our play kitchen for this photo.  hee hee hee)

d is for dream clouds

brought to you by the friday morning class:


these are cloud shaped posterboard pieces that each child lined in cottonballs after sharing their dream. we listened to parts of dr. king’s “i have a dream” speech and then asked the childen what they wish for.